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#يعلن مركز الرؤيه الذكيه عن فتح باب التسجيل لكورس
تاريخ الكورس : الخميس 10/8/2017
#مدة الدورة: اسبوعان
#رسوم الكورس :1500 ج
زمن الكورس:4:00 م الي 6:00 م
#مدربون معتمدوون
#Course Content :
With ultrasound now central to pregnancy assessment, this six-day course will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand fundamental ultrasound examinations.
Led at every step by skilled sonographers and physicians you will come away equipped with a set of new skills ready to apply in the real world.
This practical and focused course will provide you with the skills to:
1. Understand and operate the ultrasound machine
2. Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the following:
A-Ultrasound evaluation in the first trimester
B-Third trimester biometric assessment
C-Third trimester ultrasound assessment of fetal wellbeing, placental location
D-Outline the principles of assessment of first trimester bleeding including differentiation of pregnancies of unknown location and miscarriage
Discuss the clinical role, practical applications and limitations of ultrasound assessment in the first and third trimester
Document and present complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording in the patient’s record to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and clinical management

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