English Consversation Course ( SKYPE ) يقين للتدريبتحميل التطبيق

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Course description :
The course depends on discussing general English topics

Course outcomes:
 To be able to activate and extend your knowledge of English
 To gain the necessary confidence and skills to use it for your own purposes
 To be encouraged to think about language creativity
 To be able to communicate and express easily
 To be able to discuss different English subjects
 To be able to use terms in different contexts

Entry requirements:

o Good communication skills
o Good comprehension level
o Good foundation in English( grammar )

Course strategy:

The course will be delivered depending on specific learning technique which will enable applicants to switch from traditional mentality to creative one
Notes: Achieving outcomes depends on the interaction and efforts the applicants exert The total hours of the course is not limited to a specific number Minimum ( 25 hours ) 300 $

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